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What can Video and Photo do for your business?

In today's high tech environment, it's not enough to just have a business card.  The business card/brochure has been transformed into a rich multi-media experience that brings your potential client or customer closer to you.

We have the skills, over 24 years of experience and tools to help you create your message, bring it to life, and produce a visual statement of your product or service. We can help you write your script, design your presentation, produce your video and photo presentation and upload it, using the latest digital standards, to your marketing source.

Video and Photo created for your business:

  • Web page, Blog or other web source
  • Marketing for trade shows or other presentations
  • Corporate meetings and sales
  • Educational video
  • Training video
  • Documentary video
  • Lecture video
  • Real Estate Sales video
  • "A Day in The Life" insurance investigation video
  • Security video for insurance
  • Landscape design video & photo
  • Construction time stamp video & photo

Equipment and Production Details:
  • Broadcast Quality HD Cameras
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Custom Titles, Effects
  • Lighting, Microphones
  • Scriptwriting
  • DVD Authoring and Custom Menus
  • DVD Duplication and packaging
  • Transfer to International Video Standards
  • Day Rates, Half Day Rates, and Hourly Rates

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