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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video Samples

The following are excerpts from full length Bar/Bat Mitzvah events.  A full ceremony will contain all the live sound and full video from that event.
For the party we use live music from your DJ or band.
All finished videos have an opening montage to "set the scene".
Other montages are available for other parts of the video.
(Note: the music for montages below were chosen by the client. You will choose you own music for your finished video.)

Some key points to observe in the video samples are:
  • The great close up shots that our cameras can obtain
  • By the use of our own strategically placed microphones, you will hear your son or daughter better than you did in the ceremony setting
  • How video captures the true emotion and joy of the moment
  • The video serves as an important element of your family legacy by showing and hearing family members

B'Nai Mitzvah Sample

Bar Mitzvah Sample 1

Bar Mitzvah Party Highlights

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